A Team of Leaders

I am smart.  I am often two or three steps ahead of everyone else.  I am a very good marathoner, and a damn good father.  Oh, and I’m humble.

My greatest strength though, is the way I follow.  I set my teams up to make good decisions, then I get out of the way and allow them to make good decisions (and sometimes, I even let them take the credit).

I don’t have all of the answers, and I don’t know everything, and my teams know it.  I am very transparent about that fact.

I supervise teams of leaders.  Teams that feels empowered to take risks, make decisions, and make mistakes.  Teams that know more than I do.  Teams that have members who have lead company wide committees, and take way too much pleasure in telling me what to do.  

I supervise teams that challenges me.  Teams that disagrees with me.  Teams that tells me when I’m wrong.  Just ask Kate, she used to work for me.  

Thriving organizations are made up of teams of leaders.  Teams that are comfortable stepping up and challenging their peers, and even challenging their supervisors. Teams that are supervised by someone with the confidence to be vulnerable, and the confidence to give up control.  

If I could offer one piece of advice to those of you who supervise:
Get out of the way of your team.  You will be amazed what they can accomplish.

Matt Matthews