I Don't Play Games, and I Hate Icebreakers

I specialize in team building and group dynamics, and I know what you are thinking.  I think those same things.  I groan when I read “icebreaker” or “team builder” on an agenda.  But maybe I can convince you to give me a chance.

I don’t play games and I hate icebreakers.  I will never ask you to write a rap to describe your company’s new product, and I won’t mix up seats because you always sit next to the same person and you need to sit next to someone new.

We will, though, participate in activities that encourage you to think about things differently.  We will work in groups that may be different than those you normally work with.  (I know this sentence ends with a preposition, but saying  “that may be different than those with whom you normally work” sounds too douche-y).

We will be uncomfortable at times, because that is where we grow.

You will better understand your strengths and weaknesses (I’m not going to try to sugarcoat this and say “areas of growth,” you’re welcome.).  You will better understand the strengths of your teammates and their areas of growth (yeah, yeah… When we are talking about someone else we should probably be kind).

You won’t like everything we do.  But I’ll promise you this: every activity will have a point and a purpose, and will work toward a specific, intentional outcome.

….There may be Koosh® balls.

Matt Matthews