Just a Little Bit of Crazy

This morning I ran 8 miles.  Those 8 miles are special to me.  Those 8 miles mark my 4000th consecutive day running.  The last day I didn’t run was in 2006.  Let me put that into perspective, 2006 was two years before anyone heard of Justin Bieber, and we can all agree that he has been around far too long.    

4000 consecutive days.  That means I have not missed a single day in 11 years*

“What if it is really cold outside?”

I run.

“What if there is thunder and lightning and a tornado warning?”

I run.

“The day after you got hit by a car?”

I ran.  I was, in fact, running when I got hit by the car.  

“What if your wife is out of town, and you needed to hire a babysitter for like 20 minutes so you could get in a quick 5k?”

I did.  I ran.

“The day after after your bachelor party?”

I puked.  I ran.  I puked.

“That time your wife woke you up at 3am to tell you she was going into labor?”

I asked if she could wait for me to get in 6 miles before we left for the hospital.  I ran 6 miles before we left for the hospital.

“Your daughter’s first birthday party, when you were too sick to get out of bed?”

I missed the party, didn’t see my kids, but yes, I ran.

“The day after your vasectomy?”

I iced.  I ran.  I cried.  I drank a six pack.  

It has taken a significant amount  of dedication and determination, and hint of crazy to keep this streak alive.  

Whether you're an entrepreneur hustling to making a new business work, a CEO crafting strategies that impact countless team members, or a marathoner running stupid far, everything we do well in life takes dedication, determination, and sometimes just a little bit of crazy.  If you're willing to work hard, like crazy hard, to make your team collaborate, communicate, and handle conflict better, than we're willing to work just as hard with you.  Unless I have a race coming up, then that’s my priority.  

*Editor's note: it won’t technically be 11 complete years until day 4018

Matt Matthews