Dude, Where's My Car

What the speaker means, what the speaker says, what the listener hears, and what the listener thinks the speaker says are not typically the same thing.  

So how do we all get on the same page?  We have to ask questions.  But here’s the hard part, sometimes we have to ask questions we don’t already know the answer to.  We must, as the “listener,” be vulnerable, and willing to admit there are things we don’t know.  We must be willing to say, “I’m not sure, tell me more.”  We must put aside our assumptions, and allow the speaker to tell us what they mean.  

Ok, time for a little shameless self promotion...  colab provides some great training on  Group Communication and Effective Listening, so give us a call, but be prepared to answer some open ended questions, because I don’t want to assume anything.   

Matt Matthews